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We invest in people!

The strength of an organisation lies in its people, in professionalism, innovating spirit and their desire for self-improvement.
Starting from this premises, Logistic E van Wijk is investing in people, elaborating and implementing special programs for the integration of new employees, developing competences, for the evaluation of performances, motivation and career handling of the company’s employees.
We believe in the capacity of each employee to efficiently fulfill its tasks, by assuming the fact that, each one of them is part, through individual and team decissions and actions, of the company’s succes. In this respect, we have developed an incentive and motivating salary package that includes other benefits besides the salary.
We are a company involved in the life of its employees, being close to them and their families, both in happy and difficult moments, through internal programs with social character.
In november 2010, in the General Meeting of the International Road Transport Union from Geneva, 7 members of the Logistic E van Wijk team have received Honorary Diplomas from the prestigious international organization.
In his congratulation speech, the President of IRU, declared:
« These distinctions represent an international recognition for the professional drivers, who have distinguished themselves through their loyalty towards the employer, by driving with prudence and through exceptional professional performances. We wish them many years ahead and remarcable results. Not least, I want to congratulate the employer – LOGISTIC E VAN WIJK – for the great quality of the team they are working with. »
The diplomas and medals have been handled out to our colleagues, in a festive ambient, by the Board Members of Logistic E van Wijk.



In order to be a member of the Logistic E van Wijk team you have to be dynamic, have quick reactions, be open to discover new solutions, be the best in the area of expertise your are active in.

If you want to join our team, check the vacancies list and send us your application

If you haven’t found the desired position, send us your CV at , and mention the field / position you are interested in.
Your application will remain in the attention of the Human Resources department and you will be contacted as soon as there is an opening according to your experience, preparation in the field you are interested in.

HR Programs


"LOGISTIC E VAN WIJK" Scholarships


Through the project Logistic E van Wijk « Education and Talent » we propose:

- to be there for the employees of our company, in their role as parents, to contribute, by granting 10 private scholarships, at the stimulation and support of the talented children;

- to reward loyalty and involvement, by adressing to the children of the Logistic E van Wijk employees with outstanding academic and extra-academic results.